Kacamata 3D LG Cinema TV

Kacamata 3D pasif circular polarized untuk menonton TV LG 3D Cinema

  • Product Description:

Plastic circular polarized 3D glasses,available in various color frames for adult and kids,high-polish,fashion frame,thickenlens

  • Product structement:

ABSĀ  frame,0.297mm thicken TAC polarized and anti-UV380 and double-faced TAC combining and harden.

  • Optical Parameters:

Polarized efficiency 99.7%,transmittance 43.5%,compensation 125nm/138nm

  • Scope:

3D movie,3D theater,3D computer game,3D book,science education medical 3D equipment,etc.


Rp.75,000.00 Rp.55,000.00

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Picture of Kacamata 3D LG Cinema TV